Tries to Cover Shady Settlement Deal with Mega Lobbyist

Serial liar Michael Grimm was once again caught lying, this time about being lobbied by one of Washington’s most powerful law firms Patton-Boggs, who gifted him a shady pennies-on-the-dollar settlement deal on a more than $400,000 legal debt, the Donovan campaign today revealed in a new web ad.

In a recent NY1 interview, Mr. Grimm, who was convicted on felony charges of fraud, perjury and hiding nearly $1 million in income from the IRS, was asked about the conflict of a top lobbying firm gifting a eyebrow-raising settlement of his approximately $422,000 legal debt for a mere $25,000. The settlement has not been approved by the FEC.

Mr. Grimm said he was never lobbied by Patton Boggs, but the records prove otherwise. In 2011, Grimm was lobbied by Patton Boggs on behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and then two months later received a contribution from a Patton Boggs lobbyist.

“Whether it’s his liberal record or his shady deals, Michael Grimm is a serial liar who operates solely for his own interests, not what’s best for the people of Staten Island and South Brooklyn,” said Donovan spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “He will say anything and do anything to try and get back into power, but the voters are tired of the act. Once again, he’s busted.”

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