Rose Raising Millions at Direction of Washington Liberals While Only 4% of Donations Come From Inside District

Staten Island, NY–September 24th…After being selected as Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked candidate, Max Rose has benefited from millions at her direction, raising 90% of his money outside of New York’s 11th congressional district.
While only four percent of his entire donations have come from inside the district, Rose has raised cash from liberal enclaves across the country, including more than $100k from Pelosi’s hometown of San Francisco.
Rose was the chosen candidate of Washington Democrats who placed him in their special candidates program to help raise money from national liberal organizations like Swing Left and Act Blue.
“Max Rose just moved to Staten Island, became Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked candidate for Congress and now his entire campaign is being funded by her wealthy San Francisco donors and the Washington liberals whose far-left values are completely out-of-touch with the residents of Staten Island and South Brooklyn,” said Donovan spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “The fact that only 4% of his donations have come from inside the district speaks volumes and is indicative of not only the strong support Congressman Donovan has from his constituents, but that no one is buying Max Rose’s fraudulent candidacy.”

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