While in Congress, Grimm Supported Free Trade Deals That Put American Workers, Economy at Disadvantage

Staten Island, NY–April 6th…Michael Grimm whose record in Congress contributed to the trade imbalances that have hurt the American economy, is now refusing to support President Trump’s recent actions to negotiate fairer trade agreements with China, according to recent news reports.
All of the candidates running in NY-11 were asked by Brooklyn news outlet,Kings County Politics, where they stood on the President’s actions against China, and Michael Grimm was the only candidate who refused to respond.
While in office, Grimm supported a number of free trade agreements that became a flashpoint during the 2016 presidential election. Then-candidate President Trump made the bad deals a central focus of his campaign and pledged to re-negotiate trade agreements to create a more even playing field and strengthen the American economy.
“Michael Grimm’s refusal to support the President’s efforts to strengthen America’s economy through fairer trade agreements with China speaks volumes,” said Donovan spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “When he was in Congress, he was part of the establishment that created all these bad deals, putting American companies and workers at a disadvantage. He’s so out of touch on this issue, even our Democratic opponents agree with the President’s efforts.”
In contrast, Congressman Donovan has made fair trade a key tenant of his campaigns, and fought successfully to stop the bad TPP trade deal and block then-President Obama’s efforts to fast-track the agreement. He fully supports the President’s efforts against China and believes his tactics will ultimately result in a more equitable trade agreement and long-term economic strength.

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