Refusal to Answer if he Supports the President’s Actions on China Equivalent to “The Dog Ate my Homework”

Plays Victim Card on Every Transgression

Staten Island, NY–April 10th…Always playing the victim, Michael Grimm is so full of excuses, the Donovan campaign suggested a new campaign slogan for him: “Grimm: An Excuse for Everything 24/7.” His latest excuse for being the only candidate who refused to answer whether or not he supported the President’s actions against China was because the request ended up in “his spam folder” is the modern day equivalent of “the dog ate my homework.”
His excuses for his transgressions doesn’t stop there. Here is just a sample of the greatest hits from his exhaustive list of doozy’s.
  • He was busted illegally parking in a handicap spot and said it was because snow was covering the blue line, yet there was also a large sign in front glaringly visible marking the spot reserved for the handicapped.
  • News reports revealed he still owes $900,000 in back taxes to the State of New York, but he says it was a “reporting error” and refuses to answer any more questions about the unpaid taxes.
  • He was indicted for hiding nearly $1 million in income from the IRS, but he says he “just hired a couple busboys off the books” and was a victim of the DOJ, while falsely claiming he is the only person in history to be criminally charged for hiding income from the IRS and lying under oath to federal officials.
  • He blamed his failure to legally report campaign expenditures for hired consultants now the subject of an FEC violation on “no one sending him a bill.”
“Michael Grimm is a perpetual victim who is always blaming someone else or coming up with an excuse for his web of lies,” said Donovan campaign spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “Instead of just manning up and owning his mistakes, he tries to weasel around them with a litany of excuses. It’s the hallmark of a con-man to say anything just to get what he wants. Voters want principled leadership representing their interests, not someone who is just out for themselves.”

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