Grimm Voted to Fund Lawless Executive Order that Resulted in More Than 50k Illegal Immigrants with Criminal Records–Including 10 Murder Charges– Receiving Work Permits and Social Security Numbers

Staten Island, NY–June 21st…Michael Grimm’s votes to fund Obama’s unconstitutional Executive Order on amnesty resulted in nearly 60,000 illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds obtaining work permits and Social Security numbers, a stunning new report by the Department of Homeland Security found.
The list of 59,786 DACA recipients with arrest records includes 7,814 people who were arrested after getting their DACA status.
In 2014, Grimm voted to give a blank check to Obama’s Executive Order on amnesty and even voted against a Republican amendment that would have defunded the order that was later ruled unconstitutional. He was one of only six Republicans to oppose the measure. Grimm, who was given an “F” rating by Numbers USA, a group that advocates against illegal immigration, “proudly” worked with the Gang of 8 on their amnesty bill.
“Liberals like Michael Grimm who gave Obama a blank check for his unconstitutional amnesty are responsible for getting us in this immigration mess,” said Donovan spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “Despite the Obama Administration’s efforts to cover this up, we are now learning that more than 50,0000 criminal illegal immigrants were given protected status ahead of immigrants who are trying to come here legally with respect for our laws. While other Republicans were trying to defund Obama’s lawless amnesty, Michael Grimm was blocking their efforts and siding with Nancy Pelosi.”
She added, “While Michael Grimm has spent this entire campaign masquerading as a conservative, the truth is all coming out in the wash and he can’t hide from his reckless actions that have allowed tens of thousands of criminal illegal immigrants protected status in this country.”

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