The Grimm Reality: Michael’s Border Security Record

Staten Island, NY–May 1st….The Donovan campaign today unveiled a new web ad on disgraced former-Congressman Michael Grimm’s vote against increased border security while he was in office. The new ad is the latest installment for “The Grimm Reality” website that tells voters the truth about Grimm’s voting record and numerous ethical scandals.

As part of the 2012 Homeland Security Appropriations bill, Michael Grimm voted against an amendment that would have increased funding for border security fencing, infrastructure and border technology. In contrast, Congressman Donovan voted for the Border Security for America Act, which fully funds President Trump’s border wall, targets visa overstays, secures ports of entry and deploys an additional 10,000 border patrol agents and officers to secure U.S. borders.


“It was liberal Washington Republicans like Michael Grimm who got us into this immigration mess,” said Jessica Proud, spokeswoman for the Donovan campaign. “Not only was he voting to fund Obama’s lawless executive order on amnesty, he was voting against dedicating more resources to secure our borders. He is the reason we needed to elect leaders like President Trump and Dan Donovan who are working to stop the flow of people and drugs illegally crossing our borders.”

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