New Advertisements Set the Record Straight on President Trump’s Full Support for Dan Donovan and Michael Grimm’s Lies

Staten Island, NY–June 7th…Congressman Dan Donovan who is the endorsed candidate of President Donald Trump today released new television and radio ads setting the record straight on President Trump’s full support for Donovan and the truth about Michael Grimm’s record as the 3rd most liberal Republican in Congress whose positions on trade, Planned Parenthood and Obama’s amnesty were in line with Hillary Clinton.

The ads are airing on cable and conservative radio stations throughout the district.

The ads can be seen here:

And here:

“President Trump made his choice in this election clear and he’s behind Dan Donovan 100%,” said Donovan campaign spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “The truth is Michael Grimm never stood up for President Trump until he thought it would benefit him and his liberal record in office would make Hillary proud. These ads are setting the record straight that President Trump said there is no one better to represent them than Dan Donovan and he’s helping him Make America Great Again.”

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