Didn’t Deny Involvement in False Attack Involving Family Member’s Addiction Struggle

Staten Island, NY–April 3rd…Now that convicted felon Michael Grimm appears to have a newfound appreciation for transparency, the Donovan campaign is calling on him to release information related to the myriad of real ethics scandals and conflicts of interest he is currently facing.
Grimm, who was charged and convicted on 20 counts of fraud and perjury for hiding nearly $1 million in income from the IRS and was under multiple FEC campaign violations during his tenure in Congress, did not deny having any involvement in a false, anonymous dirty tricks attack involving the opioid addiction struggles of a member of Congressman Donovan’s family. Congressman Donovan, who has a three decade career of public service, has emphatically denied the malicious allegations, provided evidence and information that discredits the bogus claims and has pledged to full transparency and asked for the findings by the Congressional Ethics Committee to be made public.

Mr. Grimm, however, is embroiled in a myriad of real ethics scandals and conflicts of interest that he refuses to provide any information to the public on. The Donovan campaign is calling on him to:
  • Reveal how he settled a $422,000 debt to mega-lobbyist Patton-Boggs for pennies on the dollar.
Grimm was asked point blank about the conflict of interest and he denied ever being lobbied by them while in office, but federal records show that he was lobbied by Patton Boggs on behalf of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Two months later he received a contribution from a Patton Boggs lobbyist. The settlement has not been approved by the FEC.
  • Release of full tax returns and full disclosure of all clients and sources of income.
Grimm has said he started a consulting company but has refused to disclose who his clients are.
  • Status of $940,000 debt still owed to the New York State Tax Department.
According to the NYS Tax Department, Grimm still owes approximately $900,000 in back taxes, yet he was recently caught illegally parking in a handicap spot with a brand new luxury Lexus sports car.
  • Status of a current FEC complaint against his campaign for failing to disclose campaign spending.

“We’re disgusted by Michael Grimm’s dirty tricks attacks against Dan’s family, but since he is claiming a newfound appreciation for transparency, we are calling on him to fully disclose the information he has been hiding from the public on the myriad of real ethics scandals he is facing,” said Donovan spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “Voters have a right to know how he got shady debt settlements from mega-lobbyists, how he’s driving around in a luxury sports car while still owing $900,000 in back taxes, who his clients are and why he is hiding his campaign’s spending.”
She concluded, “This race is between someone who has a three-decades long career of honest and ethical public service versus a con-man who lies about his crimes, lies about his record and lies to try and win elections. It’s time for him to come clean. The people of Staten Island and South Brooklyn have a right to know the truth.”

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