Donovan is working with President Trump to restore law-and-order and enact policies that protect American workers.

Staten Island, NY–Congressman Dan Donovan today released his first television ad of the campaign entitled “Standing Tough With Trump.” The 30 second spot began airing on cable today.

“As Staten Island’s District Attorney and the son of a longshoreman and factory worker, Dan has always fought for a law-and-order agenda and policies that protect American workers,” said Donovan spokeswoman Jessica Proud. “Now, working with President Trump, that agenda is becoming a reality. Whether it’s ending the bad TPP deal or working to deport dangerous MS-13 gang members, Dan Donovan is standing tough with President Trump.”

Full script is below:

VO: Eight years of Barack Obama

Bad trade deals and more illegal aliens crossing our open borders.

Donovan: I’m Dan Donovan and it’s time to put Staten Island and South Brooklyn first.

I fought Obama’s anti-American trade policies.

President Trump and I will protect your jobs and make deals that benefit your family.

For twelve years, I served as your District Attorney and I’m working with Donald Trump to deport dangerous illegal aliens, build the wall, and end sanctuary cities.

VO: Dan Donovan stands tough with Trump.

Donovan: I’m Dan Donovan and I approve this message.

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