Congressman Dan Donovan today kicked off his reelection campaign in front of a crowd of hundreds of supporters and local leaders at the Vanderbilt on Staten Island.

Mr. Donovan was joined by the State Republican and Conservative Party Chairmen Ed Cox and Mike Long, the Staten Island Reform Party Chairman Frank Morano, Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar, Brooklyn State Senator Marty Golden, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, City Councilman Joe Borelli, Congressman Pete King and former Congressman Vito Fossella.

Dan Donovan speaks to rally attendees. (Photo by John Kenny)

In his remarks before the crowd, Mr. Donovan cited his record of service to the community as Deputy Borough President closing Fresh Kills landfill and helping the community after 9/11; his twelve year tenure as District Attorney taking the office from worst to first place in convictions, cracking down on drunk driving and tackling the opioid crisis; and now as Congressman where he passed budget savings of $2 trillion, secured critical mass transit and homeland security funding, the Veteran’s Healthcare Choice Act, signature FEMA reform, Kate’s Law, and permanent Zadroga funding for 9/11 families and first responders.

Congressman Donovan also highlighted various constituents in the audience whom his office assisted, such as Emil Ercolano who he helped to secure the two Purple Heart medals he earned in the Vietnam War, Bob Sabatino, who he has worked with on Lyme Disease advocacy and Rose Spiteri, a Hurricane Sandy victim struggling with the Build it Back program.

“I was so honored to stand before the residents of Staten Island and Brooklyn and kick off my campaign,” said Congressman Donovan. “I have always prided myself on doing what’s best for the people I represent, and it’s enormously gratifying to have so many people come out and support our cause. Whether it’s important national issues like restoring America’s strength on the world stage and fixing our broken immigration system or local issues like getting the seawall built and helping our veterans, our nation is moving in the right direction and we have a lot more we want to accomplish. I’m energized and excited to take our case to the voters.”

He concluded, “My primary opponent in this race wants you to forget about his liberal voting record backing Obama’s amnesty program, voting to fund Obamacare and Planned Parenthood eight times and his silence during President Trump’s election. He lied to us and put this seat at risk of falling into Nancy Pelosi’s hands once before–we can’t let that happen again and we won’t.”

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