Staten Island Advance Endorses Donovan for Congress

“Donovan has also done the job for his constituents, and for that reason the Advance enthusiastically endorses Donovan to serve us again in Washington.”


Donovan Releases New Ad: Vision

Lays out Top Priorities for a Strong Economy, Lower Taxes on the Middle Class and Quality, Affordable Health Care.


U.S. Chamber of Commerce Endorses Congressman Dan Donovan for Reelection

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the world’s largest business organization, today enthusiastically endorsed Congressman Dan Donovan for reelection. Mr. Donovan also laid out his top priorities for the next year that will help jumpstart the economy.

The endorsement was announced at Staten Island’s Piece A Cake bakery on New Dorp Avenue where Congressman Donovan was joined by Geoffrey O’Hara, the Vice President of Regional Affairs and Advocacy for the U.S. Chamber.

“Dan Donovan is a proven and trusted fighter for small business,” said Geoffrey O’Hara, VP of Regional Affairs and Advocacy for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “He not only understands the challenges businesses are facing in this sluggish economy, but he recognizes the importance of a thriving private sector to grow the middle class. Whether it’s his fight to cut taxes, reduce energy costs or repeal harmful and costly regulations, the business community can know they have a real advocate in Dan Donovan. We are proud to once again endorse him as the clear choice to represent the 11th congressional district.”

“Dan Donovan is a proven and trusted fighter for small business.”


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