NYS AFL-CIO Endorses Donovan for Congress

Cites Commitment to Working Men and Women, Fight Against Job-Killing Trade Deals Staten Island, NY–April 12th…The Donovan campaign today announced the endorsement of the influential New York State AFL-CIO, citing his exemplary commitment to working men and women and his fight against job-killing trade deals, among others. The NYS AFL-CIO is a federation of 3,000 […]


Michael Grimm Refuses to Support President Trump’s Actions on Trade with China

While in Congress, Grimm Supported Free Trade Deals That Put American Workers, Economy at Disadvantage Staten Island, NY–April 6th…Michael Grimm whose record in Congress contributed to the trade imbalances that have hurt the American economy, is now refusing to support President Trump’s recent actions to negotiate fairer trade agreements with China, according to recent news […]


Donovan Calls on Dirty Trickster Grimm to Come Clean

Didn’t Deny Involvement in False Attack Involving Family Member’s Addiction Struggle Staten Island, NY–April 3rd…Now that convicted felon Michael Grimm appears to have a newfound appreciation for transparency, the Donovan campaign is calling on him to release information related to the myriad of real ethics scandals and conflicts of interest he is currently facing. Grimm, […]


Donovan Secures Independence Party Nomination

Congressman Dan Donovan was today endorsed by the State Independence Party, making this the fourth Party endorsement in recent weeks.


Donovan Receives Reform Party Endorsement

Congressman Dan Donovan today secured the nomination of the Reform Party, providing him with a crucial third ballot line in the 2018 election.


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